Traction & Growth

Propel works with tech startup founders at stages from early customer validation, through to developing a repeatable and scalable sales process. Our aim is for more startups to succeed or to fail fast, to learn and iterate. With 100% online program delivery we work with founders with a customized program wherever they are in Atlantic Canada, and beyond.The program is run on a continuous intake basis. Recruitment is ongoing, and applications are reviewed as they come in. We onboard new companies to the customized program regularly.Online delivery allows companies to access best-in-class content, coaching and accountability, while connecting with mentors and experts around the world. The founder is at the center of everything we do and coaching the primary focus of how we do things. Coaching ensures discipline and accountability to execute.Traction & Growth is the second step of the Propel journey for founders who have validated their product and have over $1000 in monthly recurring revenue. This program focuses on identifying your ideal customer, sales, generating revenue that matters, leadership development, as well as operations and financial acumen. In this program you will learn how to uncover resource gaps, identify the ideal customer profile and develop a repeatable and scalable sales process.

New Brunswick
Nfld & Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Acceptance Criteria:

> $1000 in MRR, related to technology, located in Atlantic Canada

Topic(S) Covered:
Angel Capital Funding
Contracts / Copyright / Patents
Financial Management
Leadership / HR Management
International Business
Market Research
Market Validation
Marketing / Promotion
Non-Dilutive Funding
Presenting / Pitching
Project Management
Scaling / Growth
Startup Methodologies / Frameworks
Value Creation
Venture Capital
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1 Year +
< 4 Months
< 1 Year
Programming outcomes
  • Gaining traction and a repeatable and scalable sales process with the ideal customer profile.
  • Earning non-trivial revenue from ideal customer profile.
  • Understanding business fundamentals like financial skills and a familiarity with human resources and raising capital.
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