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Startup Atlantic is where we all come together for founders

It takes a village to raise a start-up. We are a supportive network that helps every founder get what they need in Atlantic Canada, and a brand that gives our ecosystem the attention it deserves.

Atlantic Canada is the place to build your startup, and we're here to show you why

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Who are we?

Atlantic Canada is unlike anywhere else in Canada—and the world for that matter. It’s what makes us different that will help us stand apart on the national and global stage. As we know, it takes a village to raise a start-up and our village is like no other. Startup Atlantic is a network that works together to make it easier for founders to succeed. We’re building a thriving innovation ecosystem for accelerators, incubators, government agencies, and investors to collaborate for better venture growth in Atlantic Canada. With us, whatever door a founder opens, we’ll connect them to what they need.

Our ecosystem is the place where smart people can get more out of work and life. In a world where proximity is optional, it’s Startup Atlantic's role to make sure we share our Atlantic edge through our brand. We are the voice that loudly and proudly showcases our ecosystem to the world. Our community of innovators and ecosystem builders are impactful, and we want it to be known by others and give it the attention it deserves.

What does Startup Atlantic do?

Startup Atlantic is a brand and a gateway to incredible resources, an inclusive community, and a region of support that fuels global impact.

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“Atlantic Canada attracted us with venture capital, non-dilutive dollars, research partners, talent, ocean access and an incredibly welcoming business community. This is the ideal region for us to develop our ocean climate technology.”

Mike Kelland
CEO and co-founder, Planetary Technologies

A few of the many programs & supporters in Atlantic Canada

In need of support? 

We are always adding to our database of programming support for startups. Our accelerators are focused on delivering to founders with custom tools, resources and leadership from our global networks. Watch this space as we continue to post more information for startups looking to grow, build and thrive in Atlantic Canada.

Do you want to be added to our list of supports? Please contact admin@startupatlantic.ca.

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