New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF)

InnovationNB is an independent, non-profit corporation with a focus on venture capital and research financing

At the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF), we’re privileged to be in a position to help people propel their innovative ideas onto the global stage.

Since 2003, NBIF has invested more than $175 million into startup businesses and applied research in New Brunswick. These foundational investments have attracted an $825 million of additional investment, giving New Brunswick innovators $1 billion to take their ideas further.

Today, NBIF is investing in and supporting a portfolio of more than 60 technology companies. Those companies have attracted more than $700 million in outside investment to New Brunswick.

These companies are driving increased economic activity in the province with an annual GDP impact of more than $110 million. That’s an impact that’s up 86 per cent since 2017.

And together these companies employ more than 700 people, with plenty of growth potential ahead of them yet.

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