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The roots of BioFoodTech can be traced back to the 1980s when the Prince Edward Island Food Technology Centre (FTC) was established. FTC focused on providing technical assistance and support to the food processing industry in PEI, aiming to improve food safety, product quality, and marketability of newly developed products.

In 2008, the provincial and federal governments recognized the potential of the Food Technology Centre and its role in promoting innovation and competitiveness in a broader area of food and related technologies. Consequently, FTC was expanded and rebranded as BioFoodTech. This transformation allowed BioFoodTech to broaden its scope beyond food processing and encompass various biotechnology applications. BioFoodTech consolidated its position as a leading center for development in the fields of food technology, functional foods, nutraceuticals and natural products. After more than 30 years, BioFoodTech continues to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of PEI’s food and bioscience manufacturing sectors by being the local choice of many small businesses and renowned companies of the area.

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