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Executive Summary Company Profile Summary What is the key offering and who is the person(s) behind the business? Clean Valley bio-filtration technologies is a for-profit community interest company that was created with the mission to help your business thrive in a competitive and highly-regulated environment. Our bio-filter process is a sustainable, renewable effluent treatment system designed to help you meet the regulatory standards of today and tomorrow. The best part? it introduces a new revenue stream for your business, rather than just being a compliance cost. Market Research Summary What is a brief overview of the market? Who are the key competitors? Who is target market? The bio-filter is a nature-based solution for an industry wide problems, specifically the aquaculture industry that's traditional filtration methods are unsustainable. The aquaculture industry is receiving bad press and even harsher regulatory scrutiny for their treatment of their effluence. Clean Valley's bio-filter is here to help the on-shore aquaculture sector that generally has had three options for their effluence. Dump it, truck it, or pay tens of thousands to treat it. For example, Biofishency our most similar competitor uses chemical beds and a four separate part process to treat nitrogenous waste for re-circulation aquaculture systems. Additionally, they charge companies like Sustainable Blue to Cooke Aquaculture $60,000 to $90,000 USD to treat their effluence when rather effluence can become an asset. The bio-mask is our second product that is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic created with Canada’s first responders who are in need of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). The bio-mask is an anti-viral, biodegradable, ASTM/NIOSH certifiable solution to combat the current pandemic and pandemics to come. Marketing Summary What is a brief overview of the market? Who are the key competitors? Who is target market? The on-shore aquaculture industry is a growing segment of the larger aquaculture industry that globally generates four hundred billion USD annually. The on-shore aquaculture industry has three different types of systems and they are flow-through systems, re-circulation aquaculture systems, and hatcheries. The largest players in the industry operate globally such as a Cooke Aquaculture, Clearwater or Acadia Seaplants. There are smaller to medium size local systems such as Sustainable Blue. Our goal is meet the needs of the smaller systems to co-develop the system before partnering with a larger player and going global. The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) has gone from scarcity to surplus and will continue to eb and flow as the pandemic peaks and flattens. Therefore, the bio-mask is being certified and tested to be premium quality product at an affordable cost to meet the oncoming waves of demand for anti-viral and anti-bacterial PPE solutions. What are the basic necessities you will need to get off the ground and how will you create a great customer experience? The bio-filter is designed for the aquaculture operation manager to have one less thing to worry about and one less bill to pay. To accomplish the relief of the operational manager pains we need to ensure our filter efficiency meets their facilities specification and have buyer ready for the effluent filled replacement filters. Nevertheless, operational managers have been looking to unload their waste regardless of regulatory standards as many industry could reuse the effluence. Thus our value proposition meets that needs and will rely on our customer service creating good will among the local network of aquaculture industry owners. We need five champions to co-develop the bio-filter with us and sustain those customer relationships throughout the operation of the bio-filter. The bio-mask is innovating a novel textile capable of blocking COVID-19 and is being lab test to ensure so, meanwhile being iterated into a textile capable of preventing 95% of particulate. A functionality test in a CSL-3 laboratory and a ASTM/NIOSH certification are required before proceeding to market. Finance Summary How much money do you need to start? Where will you get the money? How much sales do you plan on generating in the first year and second year? What will the expenses be? Clean Valley is fundraising 145k as a minimum and 250k as a maximum to meet its targets for the 2020/2021 fiscal year. We are fundraising through the sale of preferred shares in a crowdsourcing manner to drum up word-of-mouth marketing throughout our shareholders networks to meet our milestones. Clean Valley is entering into it's bio-filter pilot that will have small to medium aquaculture industry partners co-develop at five separate facilities. Included in the pilot is the sale of the bio-filter and the replacement filters at an early adopter discount.
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