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ACENET is a not-for-profit whose aim is to provide the power of supercomputing tools to increase the competitive advantage of industry in Atlantic Canada. We enable companies to take on challenges that would be impossible on traditional desktops, and do so offering a unique blend of access to local infrastructure, local support, specialists and skills development. Use the power of ACENET for large-scale analysis and modelling across a wide range of applications, among them: machine learning and artificial intelligence; data processing and visualization; atomic and molecular simulations in material and structural design; medical imaging; CFD and FEA; and earth and ocean modelling. Our local system, called Siku (meaning sea ice in Inuktitut), includes 2300 cores Intel Cascade Lake CPUs, NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs to power AI/Machine Learning projects, a high-throughput low-latency EDR Infiniband interconnect, 1.5 PBs of storage, and stable and secure backup. With ACENET, your data stays in Canada, we have no interest in your intellectual property, and we don’t examine, touch or use your data for any purpose. We work with clients who don’t want to invest in and manage complex infrastructure, who may find navigating commercial cloud services complicated, who want to develop their in-house skills, or who appreciate having a local team of technical experts invested in their success. We help them get started and provide extensive training, expertise and ongoing support. We offer a Jump Start for Startups program worth approximately $5000.
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