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We are the first SAAS music business to market. We like to say we can shave 9 years off of a 10 year learning curve. The skills and knowledge that are needed in the music business aren't generally learned from a handbook or a class in school, they are gained from experience. The language and know-how within the music industry gets passed around from one person to the next over time. That's why we designed our product to help you manage your business without the need to train yourself in each area of the music industry allowing you more time to write songs, work on arrangement, rehearse and hold the band together! Gain access to years of experience from veterans of the industry. Define your music business, build a solid foundation, set goals and monetize your talent using tools in an easy to use dashboard We provide a complete music business plan followed by next steps, strategy, suggestions and a roadmap to give you direction as you navigate through the Music Industry Take the mystery out of the music industry allowing you to take control of your business and create a path to build a sustainable career for years to come
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