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LadderSpike's story actually began 27 years ago when I was just 4 years old! I still vividly remember being the proudest safety spotter, holding the bottom of a Ladder for my grandfather as he climbed onto our shed to do repairs. These Untrusting ladder experiences happened throughout my whole life from having to rely on neighbours to help set up Christmas lights to working across North America in the trades where oftentimes I was forced to wait over an hour for scaffolding to be built just to complete a 5-minute job I could have done with a ladder. My life experiences have helped me see an immediate need for innovation in the ladder industry, and I believe our first product fills the Gap between having a serious ladder injury or fatality & having the right tool for the job!  "It's simple - You should be able to trust the tool you're using," and that's what LadderSpike is all about!#trustyourladder

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