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DIOSA designs Inc.



DIOSA designs Inc. is a company that designs and sells fashion accessories particularly womens executive, multi-functioning backpacks customized for females needing a carry item that serves many purposes for the busy professional woman.

This concept was created when CEO, Kim Hickman decided there wasn't an ‘almost’ perfect woman’s carry bag. Most backpacks were masculine, offered limited space and certainly were not versatile. After many conversations, focus groups, surveys, research and discussions a detailed concept for this backpack was created. The name DIOSA (meaning goddess in Spanish) as well as the design template came to fruition after 18 months. As well the concept of creating a Social Enterprise was even more appealing.

The messaging for this business is Women-Helping-Women-Globally. Supporting women in disadvantaged countries is the key to our "Give-Back" values.  Kim has many ties with Guatemala and had a past of supporting a school’s education program by organizing teams of people to help build extra classrooms for Melody School (with her business Give Get Go, a voluntourism company), located outside Guatemala City. It was during her time in Guatemala, she learned of an empowerment centre for women. The concept of having a customized woven luggage tag made using the DIOSA pattern and colours, would add to the business idea of offering a fashion accessory such as a luggage tag to compliment the backpack. While the backpack will not be made in Guatemala, this luggage tag will be and will be sold on the DIOSA website along with the backpack. The backpack will be made in Asia.

DIOSA designs Inc. will be an online Commerce business, using the Shopify platform.

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