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Executive summary Introduction We are a team with different experiences in sales and marketing field specialized in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, as well as experts in business development and management. This Business project is tackling one of the growing and complicated health service supply problems in Canada and worldwide. Problem - Aging increased - Incidence of diseases are increasing - Insufficient health services in remote areas - Weak communication specially in immigrant communities - The use of new technology in health services supply is unsatisfactory Solution A comprehensive plan to create and secure the best communication between the customers and health care providers such as doctors and pharmacists to provide . - Appointments, reminders, prescription dispense, delivery through third party and other activities and that taking in consideration the consent and legal rules controlling this process - Educational programs customized to the customers This will be done through an application and website and using different digital marketing methods Benefits - Offers to customers on health services - More traffic to health care providers - Income to business from commissions ,traffic and subscriptions Recommendations - The project is built on a real market need and feedback. - Supported by pharmacists ( Recommendation letters) . - Supported by Business department in cape Breton university ( Recommendation letter+ they will endorse our business plan) Execution We are ready with a pitch deck and a business plan presentation to be discussed including: - key time line goals (areas covered i.e. Primary : Nova scotia then other areas Ontario Edmonton) - Target ,budget ,revenue , profit…etc - Manpower (technicality of work, follow up..etc) - Challenges COVID 19 Updates Digital heath services idea and implementation began before COVID 19 outbreak ,however this outbreak has proved the urgent need to this services as it will avoid the contact between people which will keep the social distancing and satisfy the medical service needs to a big portion of the community in the safest way using the new technology ,in the same time this services will remain used even after the outbreak disappearance in the near future
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