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We have seen some good projects around infrastructure, and some bad. When projects are go well, they are managing risk well. When they go bad, they have not considered risk up front. So we want to develop Depend Build to help infrastructure developers manage risk better. The reason? We know that all public and built infrastructure in the next 30 years, whether it is office buildings, roads, bridges; water and sewer etc. has to be either rebuilt, replaced or built to accommodate environmental and social change. There are huge risks in developing the next and future generations of infrastructure. Worldwide investment in infrastructure is expected to be $79 trillion by 2040 with the need closer to $100 trillion. Yet 84% of public sector projects experienced some sort of failure…A myriad of reasons but they all come down to risk. Depend Build has been developed as a software as a service to minimize risk and maximize benefits in dependably building the next generation of infrastructure. Using process optimization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Depend Build will help organizations identify the risks that they are facing in developing infrastructure, manage those risks, as well as report monitor the ESG benefits for developing infrastructure for the next thirty years!
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