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We are Couryah and we enable grocers and merchants to offer on-demand delivery. Our approach to digitizing the grocery industry is to empower local grocers to have a digital storefront on the Couryah platform with convenient last mile delivery. Essentially, We are a 3-sided aggregator marketplace. A customer visits the platform and places an order from one or more partner merchants; we allow bundling of food from restaurants & groceries in the same order. Then, a courier is dispatched to shop and/or deliver their order. We handle the end to end customer experience and we share relevant insights with our partners. We have been in operations since 2019 and we are looking to release our completely new interface next month. Our mission is to redefine convenience in the on-demand grocery delivery experience through the sustainable development of local communities. Our Vision is to build a platform that creates hyperlocal networks within suburban communities that connect and empower all its users to improve their livelihood.
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