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Cloud&more’s mission is to allow entrepreneurs to own their data, so that they can truly own their business. We believe that privacy and the right to your data is a fundamental and important right - and the basis for long-term success. Cloud&more is your provider, facility and service partner - we own servers on Tier 1 networks located in Atlantic Canada, and provide customizable, affordable, out-of-the-box cloud-, hybrid and on-premises solutions for all business and organizational needs. Cloud&more offers a truly Atlantic Canadian alternative to all common platforms and allow you not only to regain control of your data and to: - Cut down the number of suppliers and deals you need to maintain for your technology stack. Imagine migrating from all the different tools you are using right now (DropBox, Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, Doodle, HubSpot, AWS, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp …) - Work with a true Atlantic Canada local supplier with over 25 years international experience. - Ensure your data is held in Canada; no fine print introducing hidden services or systems breaching this promise. - Use fully integrated analytic and campaign tools, no need for third-party tools conflicting with privacy laws. On top of it you will increase your and your client data privacy, your data security and reduce your carbon footprint. Atlantic Canada is a hidden jamb for technology. We believe it is time for a change and to challenge the status quo.
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