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Au Naturel Solutions Inc.


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Au Naturel Solutions Inc. is the first company to introduce a patented, all-natural handcrafted breast prosthesis to the marketplace, filling a need for those who are looking for a natural alternative. After a woman has breast surgery for cancer or otherwise, there is a struggle returning to a normal life. She faces challenges such as ill-fitting clothes, discomfort while exercising, and changing products that she once took for granted. One of those challenges is the lack of breast prostheses made of all-natural materials, that also feel and look great. The Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ breast prosthesis is naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, breathable, and feels like cashmere against your skin. Designed to mimic natural breast density, the Comfort ‘n’ Confidence™ full or partial breast prosthesis fits within the bra cup. Its soft and malleable back fits the negative spaces created by surgery. It is lightweight and easily customizable to maximize its comfort and look. This product has changed my life and my biggest wish is that it changes the lives of others who find a need for a breast prosthesis.
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